The fragrance free/ chemical free Botanical Lube is made of high quality nutrient dense oils of macadamia, passionfruit seed, baobab, marula and CBD to promote the health of sensitive genital skin.

Natural oils degrade latex condoms, only use with polyisoprene condoms.

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cold pressed local MACADEMIA oil

cold pressed local MARCUJA oil

organic local BAOBAB oil

cold pressed local GRAPESEED oil

local pesticide free ALOE VERA

cold pressed local virgin MARULA oil

non gmo palm kernal MCT oil

full spectrum CANNABIDIOL oil


(As a fan of instructions for things that require no instruction)

Apply lube to penis/toy/finger

Stick said penis/toy/finger lovingly into your bits or someone else's bits


Cool dark place out of direct sun, will last a billion years in the right storage conditions unless it becomes contaminated with moisture.