The fragrance free/ chemical free/ anti-fungal/ anti-bacterial therapeutic serum is formulated to clear the vagina/anus (and the penises that love them) of candida overgrowth. 

Natural oils degrade latex condoms, only use with polyisoprene condoms.

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Organic NEEM oil

cold pressed local GRAPESEED oil

local pesticide free ALOE VERA

organic TEA TREE oil




full spectrum CANNABIDIOL oil


In order to properly heal a yeast infection both parties must be treated in order to not re-populate the vagina/anus with yeast infection causing bacteria. 

Apply oil to genitals in the morning and then again at night, if its a particularly angry one then apply as often as you feel the symptoms flaring (ie. if you get really itchy apply the oil and massage in thoroughly instead of scratching your labia off).  As the vagina begins to respond and ramps up its self cleaning capacity, you may experience an increase of thin discharge throughout the healing period.  This is a good sign though you may want to protect your panties with a panty liner.

Because penile yeast infections are often a-symptomatic, use the vagina/anus symptoms to indicate when the infection has cleared.  

CAN ALSO BE USED AS A LUBE! A great way for you both to get the serum into all your nooks and fanny crannies! Also the increase of blood to the area takes all those little medicinal phytochemicals in the serum and amplifies their impact. WIN WIN!


Cool dark place out of direct sun, will last a billion years in the right storage conditions unless it becomes contaminated with moisture.