Is Cannayaya for Men or Women?

Its for Men and Women wherever they may reside on the sexuality spectrum (we all have tender bits!)

Though the toxins inherent in commercial lubricants wreak different havocs on different bodies the bottom line is that they compromise health regardless of gender affiliation and sexual orientation

Do Cannayaya products protect against STI/STD’s or unwanted pregnancy?

Cannayaya products are for reproductive/genital wholistic health and fun feels, they do not protect against STI/STD or unwanted pregnancy AT ALL

Why CBD?

We humans have been evolving alongside other organisms for approximately one billion million hundred eleventy nine nine nine years.  Adapting our biology to sustain the species according to what foodstuffs were available is how we made it this far.  One such system within the intricate lace of our biology is the endocannabinoid system. It is involved in the functioning of the reproductive, immune and central nervous systems of the body and its fuelled by CANNABINOIDS.  

Much like the seratonin system, too much fuel for the endocannabinoid system and it fucks out, not enough and it fucks out with strinkingly similar symptoms to the too much scenario. Too many cannabinoids in the system result in reproductive defficiency, to few and well we are only beginning to understand the result of too few because we are the only string of generations that have bothered denying themselves access to their source, the cannabis plant, en masse.

In the middle of these extremes (chronic “abuse” of marijuana and clinical endocannabinoid defficiency) lies the bulk of the population; average human meat pockets with an endocannabinoid system that keeps many of our body’s vital systems in check. And like any system a wholistic balanced approach to maintenance is a good thing that supports overall function of these systems. 

Considering the endocannabinoid receptors found in both male and female sexy time fluids as well as the quickness with which vagina's and anuses absorb nutrients into the blood stream, its a no brainer that cannabinoid intake via one's genitals is a great idea.  Not to mention the anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic qualities of CBD in the localized capacity in areas prone to inflammation and cancer, its kind of a no brainer. BUT the cannabinoids that make up CBD oil including cannabidiol, minerals and vitamins can also be absorbed via the cannabinoid receptors in our skin and into the bloodstream where it is utilized by aforementioned endocannabinoid system to support overall function.

What is the difference between CBD oil and Hemp Oil?

Hemp Oil is made from the seeds of the hemp plant and contains trace amounts of cannabinoids, approx 25 ppm.  CBD oil, an extraction of leaves and flowers of hemp's cousin Marijuana, that contain upwards of 150 000ppm CBD.  THC is the psychoative component of Marijuana while CBD IS NOT AT ALL PSYCHOACTIVE though both have been proven to provide countless health benefits to humans, too many to be listed here although there is plenty information on the innernets.

Why Probiotics?

I am not a fan of the cosmetics industry and the recent wave of probiotic skin creams is just one more reason for me to roll my eyes back in my head.  Probiotics are micro-organism cultures, i like to think of them as little Smurf villages in my intestines and vaginal canal, which is where they do the body good. And i mean GOOOOOOOD, these little villages of beneficial bacteria help balance the microbial universe inside us that supports overall system function from digestion and immunity to reproduction. They also keep the baddies in check, namely Candida Albicans which is basically the cause of the those same systems disfunctioning and manifests as the dreaded yeast infection and various other nasties.  There is soooo much research on both the benefits of live probiotic cultures and the negative effect of Candida overgrowth so have at it.

THAT SAID, why would I need a happy little Smurf village of beneficial bacteria on the surface of my skin?  If the skin was absorbing them and sending them via the bloodstream highway to where they need to go then fine, but it doesn't.  If the skin were that absorbant we would not survive infancy. This is where orrifices come in, the places in our bodies where bacteria gain entrance.  SO applying probiotics to an orifice as in the case of an oral supplement or a vaginal or anal cream or lube will get them where they need to go and THEN they can benefit the skin as a symptom of their benefit on the entire body from the inside out.  Hence Cannayaya's lube and after-sex balm contain probiotics that will be absorbed and benefit the bacterial biomes of both the vaginal canal and rectum while the topical face serum and body oil do not. No sense in putting in expensive ingredients that do nothing other than boost marketability.  There is no evidence at all to support cosmetic company claims that it brightens and tightens skin though they do tend to use a lot of scientific sounding jargon to make it seem like there is.  

Prove me wrong Madame Estee Lauder and I will eat my hat.  

Why natural oils?

You know those little shiny boxes in the sexy section of the drug store? The ones that are not required by law to list their ingredients? Ya, the stuff they put in there, that then gets spooged all up and over our most permeable areas, are full of toxins.  Parabens for one, proven to interfere with our estrogen and testosterone hormonal processes have been associated with cancer, infertility and endometriosis in women and infertility, prostate cancer, reduced libido, erectile disfunction, and loss of muscle mass in men- DO I STUTTER?! THIS STUFF IS AWFUL!!

Standard lubricants also contain other potentially toxic ingredients like glycerin, which can contribute to yeast infections; propylene glycol, which can be irritating to the skin; chlorhexidine gluconate, an antibacterial that can kill healthy vaginal bacteria, which then makes a women more susceptible to yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis; and petroleum, which can alter vaginal pH and contribute to more vaginal infections.  Moral of the story? Don't pour petrol on your genitals.

Natural, botanical based oils selected specifically for their medicinal and skin nourishing benefits are a beautiful way to treat the body as it deserves to be treated. The ancient practice of anointing with oils was believed to rid persons and things of dangerous spirits and demons which were believed to cause disease.  One needn't dismiss thousands of years of medical advancement to enjoy the benefits of our ancestor's insights, petrol or oil pressed from delicious macademia nuts? The proof is in your pudding.  

Why does it say "natural oils degrade latex condoms" on the labels?

In the trenches of modern sexing we are inundated with threats of unwanted pregnancy, all manner of life threatening STD's and incredibly uncomfortable STI's.  Its no wonder we have come up with a way to not only physically barricade sperm but also fortify a protective barrier between our absorbant bodies. If this sounds more like a bootcamp lecture than a romance novel that's because IT'S REAL TALK!  Pheromones can tell you if your bodies will fit nice but they can't tell you about said mammal's relationship with it's mother or that it survives solely off instant noodles and MDMA.  So condoms are required to be bulletproof and they are, used correctly and they are 98% effective against pregnancy and STI/STD's.  

BUT latex condoms degrade when used in conjunction with natural oils hence the previous list of toxic chemicals used in commercial lubricants that can be used with latex INCLUDING PARABENS! PARABENS?!! IN YOUR VAGINASUSES AND ANUSUSES??!! Who's idea was that?!  Also many latex and polyurethane condoms are manufactured with a coating of spermicide containing non-oxynol 9, a chemical proven to cause UTI's in women and with frequent use can actually increase HIV transmission.  The recent development of a synthetic latex, polisoprene however can be used with natural oil lubricants and are said to cause less allergies than their natural latex predecessors. 

Why use local oils?

All Cannayaya oils are sourced locally, within South Africa or its immediate neighbours of Namibia and Mozambique.  This part of the earth is where man began and the plants that evolved alongside us in this powerful place are potently nutrient and largely ignored by the industrialized agriculture complex which means they are grown in small, sustainable systems with little need of the inputs required by crops grown outside of their indigenous biome.  I also live here and benefit from this environment and want to return that favour by supporting people and companies working to create alternative options to further fuelling a free market run amok.

What are the benefits of the various oils?

Passionfruit Seed Oil:

Apart from healthy fats that make passionfruit oil an excellent moisturizer and antioxidant, it also contains carotenoids ( 4.6 μg per gm ) and phenols which protect the skin from damage.  Traditionally passionfruit seed oil has been used to treat insomnia, stress and anxiety.

Ximenia Oil:

Traditionally used by the Khoisan of Southern Africa to anoint their bodies and bow strings, the leaves and roots of the Ximenia caffra tree were also thought to dispel bad dreams. Ximenia seed oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (approximately 92%) and therefore has a considerable nutritional value. The oil helps to preserve the integrity of the cell wall and has a restructuring effect and has an anti-aging effect on the skin. Its long chain fatty acids bring a good substantivity and is nourishing and moisturizing, while Ximenia oil softens and revitalizes the skin naturally.  Studies have also shown it to be helpful in improving the function of the sebaceous tissues.

Coconut Oil:

Oh coconut oil, what can't you do? Its deeply nourishing properties can be absorbed by the body topically and internally.  As it is anti-bacterial and anti-mibrobial I investigated its effect on beneficial bacteria and discovered that the antimicrobial agent in coconut oil, Lauric acid only gets the bad guys and actually supports the growth of the good guys! 

And in some kind of magical trifecta that makes me believe in Santa Clause, the three fatty acids found in coconut oil; oleic acid, caprylic acid and lauric acid, are all proven to improve the absorption of CBD into the body!

Baobab Oil:

One of the most antioxidant rich oils in the world, Baobab oil is also high in Omega 3,6 and 9 oils, vitamins A,D,E and F which reduces inflammation, improves skin elasticity and rejuvenates damaged skin cells. The trees themselves (known locally as "The Tree of Life") can live as long as 3000 years so it knows a couple things about ageing gracefully.

Marula Oil:

Antioxidizing and nourishing with its high amounts of Omega 6 and 9's, moisturizes dry skin and goes a long way in preventing and healing damaged skin. The Zulu and Tonga peoples both call Marula the ‘marriage tree’, and a brew of the bark is administered as part of a cleansing ritual prior to marriage.

Macadamia Oil:

Contains one of the highest sources of palmitoleic fatty acids, between 16 to 23%. Palmitoleic is vital for delaying skin deterioration. As our skin ages it rapidly becomes depleted in this important fatty acid and loses its elasticity as a result. Palmitoleic acid is also a potent antioxidant known to support healthy cell membranes, hydrating the skin and supporting skin healing. Additionally Macadamia oil is high in Omega 3's which makes it anti-inflammatory. In addition to topical use benefits, internal consumption of the oil's high oleic acid content promotes heart health.

Shea Butter:

Strengthens skin by stimulating the production and repair of collagen, the scaffolding protein in skin that makes it more supple.  Naturally anti-inflammatory and high in Vitamins A and E. Shea butter's use can be traced to Cleopatra where early accounts speak of large caravans carrying clay jars of the stuff for her to use.

How do I store my CANNAYAYA products?

The upside to using all natural ingredients is you aren't soaking up toxic chemicals via your most precious portals, the downside is that unlike many other consumables in the marketplace, your CANNAYAYA product won't outlive you.  Take care of them like you would food, don't leave them out in the sun or the heat and avoid contamination by keeping the delivery mechanism (pipettes and pumps) out of contact with bacteria.  Basically keep it in a cool, dry, dark place like a bedside table drawer or a medicine cabinet.

Are CANNAYAYA products available in retail outlets?

The industrialization and capitalization of access to food and healthcare products also makes me sad/mad.  I prefer to sell directly to customers so they don't have to pay the 100% markup that a shop will put on my products.  I also hate having to send my muscley band of merry ruckus starters (and yes they have special outfits) into shops to collect the money said shop has owed me for months.  Jeebus gave us the internet so the internet i shall use!  That said I do have a soft spot in my heart for ma & pa shops so am open to building relationships with small business owners on a case by case basis.

I live in a treetop canopy off-the-grid biodome in the Amazon jungle, do you ship here?

I'm damn well gonna try! Send me a direct email instead of going through the shop and we'll see what's possible.

Is Cannayaya hypoallergenic?

Cannayaya products contain no perfumes or creepy chemicals so should be tolerated by most people.  That said, they are made with natural oils and ingredients and because our oriffices are highly sensitive places, it is possible that you could be allergic to one of the ingredients just as some people can be allergic to certain foods. Best to test the product on the skin of your inner wrist or inner thigh before use.