The fragrance free/ chemical free soothing Probiotic Intimate Balm heals fissures and micro-abrasions, calms friction inflammation and populates the vagina/anus with beneficial bacteria that prevent infection. 


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organic Ghanaian SHEA butter

organic cold pressed virgin COCONUT oil

cold pressed local GRAPESEED oil

local pesticide free ALOE VERA

cold pressed organic local BAOBAB oil

cold pressed local XIMENIA oil


full spectrium CANNABIDIOL oil


Use clean finger to apply a wee dollop inside a clean vaginal or anal opening, massage excess into surrounding skin as needed.  NO DOUBLE DIPPING! In the case of fissures and micro-abrasions, if a second round is required to soothe the external skin then wash and completely dry hands in between applications, not because your bits are nasty but because any bacteria or water on your hands can get into the jar and diminish its shelf life and probiotic efficacy.  


Cool dark place out of direct sun, will last a billion years in the right storage conditions unless it becomes contaminated with moisture.